Thursday, January 7, 2010

Creating a beautiful day

Good morning.

Have you ever taken yoga? It's an incredible cathartic experience as well as invigorating. Amazing stuff, really. And in just a couple minutes I'm going to put my work aside, and drink in those wonderous asanas.

I've had a great run of veganism so far, and I'm loving every single minute of it. Truly and honestly loving it. I feel so amazing emotionally, which I'm sure is helping in my migraine free days.

Work has been as stressful as I had anticipated - one issue after another. The stress in my neck that I felt as I drove into the office driveway after 13 days of vacation is still here and I"m just working internally at alleviating it. Deep breathing, calming thoughts (very purposeful calming thoughts), eating when I want to so as not to "obsess" (I tend to obsess about food and fitness) and stress from that, and also not stressing about not hitting the gym in a while. I'm doing ok., however this morning I'm feeling a potential migraine coming on, so I'm meeting it head on (ba ha ha!) with a heated neck wrap as I write this and the knowledge that I'm going to go hit the stationary bike for a 1/2 hour followed by a Centergy (yoga/pilates/strengthening/stretching workout) class, and THEN my very first acupuncture treatment. WOW!!!

So, here's to calming thoughts, deep, cleansing breaths and trying new things. Have a wonderful day!!


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