Wednesday, January 6, 2010

My lunch date

Good Morning!!

It's a lovely New England Winter morning, and I'm happy to say I got through my late night Board meeting last night and am back in the office today with a smile on my face. You know why? Because I'm SUCH a foodie that I went to bed last night thinking about this GREAT new raw restaurant that opened months ago a mere 2 miles from my office. I mentally reviewed the menu in bed last night, and woke up raring to go to work with the knowledge that I will be EATING there for lunch today.

And the best part? My friend is driving into the city to meet me there at noon! Yippee!!

Salad, Kombucha and AMAZING chocolate Torte. Mmmm...

Breakfast was yummy organic grapes, avocado and about a 100 grain bread with vegan butter. Great way to start the day, let me tell you.

I'm feeling GREAT and migraine free again today. Life is GOOD, folks! Day 11 of veganism and feelin' fine.

Have a wonderful day!

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