Thursday, January 7, 2010

Green smoothies, vegan cookies and accupuncture

All the are wonderful things, to say the least!

What a day today has been. There has definitely been work stresses (many, many work stresses) but the things I have been able to squeeze into the last 15 hours are truly healing and wonderful. Lets reveiw, shall we?

* Started the day with a bowl of organic red grapes, 1/4 smooth, ripe avocado and a slice of delish 10 grain artisan bread. (YUM!)

*3o minutes on the bike followed by an hour Centergy class (yoga/pilates/stretches/strength training/folds/spine twists...simply amazing stuff)

*Vegan stir fry with loads of veggies, vegan "steak", cashews, curry and brown rice and a few raw/dehydrated flax crackers I whipped up this morning. Vegan peanut butter chocolate chip cookie (homemade and frozen - True therapy for the stomach and soul.

*Accupuncture and green smoothie. Allow me to just say that I've spent my my entire life petrified of needles (the worst part of having 2 children was the intravenus needle that had to stay in my arm - UGGH!), and I was just SO ready for this natural healing (migraine healing) technique that it was really an amazing experience. And thank you to my friend Adrienne for getting the teeny tiny needles for me. :)

*Get kids home from school, homework and more stressful work stuff. But then I had 2 smoothie orders from the kiddos (one chocolate almond milk and banana and one pineapple/mango/winter squash/vanilla yogurt and almond milk) so I made one for myself. Soy yogurt, almond milk, peaches and mango. DELISH and so healthful!!

*My passion (one of them) is cooking and baking. So, I made a batch of vegan chocolate chip (half whole wheat flour) cookies. Can I just say, again,!

*Finished the night off with a free class by my accupuncturist and raw food chef friend Adrienne. She's creating a 50/50 diet plan (lifestyle) promoting 50% raw vegan plant foods and 50% "other". It's basically how I live my life. It was invigorating and lovely to see Adrienne's work play out to the "public". My "work husband" (lol!), who I'm pulling into the raw/vegan world little by little (I'm not even totally entrenched in it myself, so it's nice to have company on the journey!) came out to attend with me. Met some sweet people, tasted 2 more green smoothies (by tasted I mean 2 rather large glasses!) and the best nut pate I've ever had on crispy romaine. I'm SO making that! You could totally serve that as an appetizer at a party and noone would even think twice about it being "raw vegan" because it's just so darn YUMMY!

*And the exciting part is I won almost a whole gallon of freshly made green smoothie at Adrienne's lecture. Yahoo!!

So, it's been a great day. Tomorrow we leave for 3 days of skiing in Maine. I'm looking very forward to the getaway, and getting out there on the slopes with the fam-damily and our friends. Fingers crossed for a migraine free weekend!

Have a stupendous day, and TGIF (well, tomorrow).

Hugs and namaste,

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