Thursday, January 14, 2010

Creating your own destiny

Hi there! I'm back from a fabulous 4 day ski vacation with my family and a family of friends. The kids were exhausted and happy by the end of every day and so were the adults. Skiing, swimming, racquetball and outdoor hot tubs were a daily occurance for 4 glorious days, and we all walked out of there with our heads in the snow covered clouds.

I didn't do so well with the vegan quest on this trip, however. It seems everything you can order in a mountain top restaurant is either meat or cheese laden, and I fell into the cheese trap almost every day. But you know what? I'm not letting it get to me. I've jumped back on the v-wagon as soon as I got back home. Life is good.

I did, however, notice that I'm not feeling as good as I was prior to the cheese diving of the weekend. Neck and shoulder aches are back, and I"m looking forward to rehealing these areas with honest plant based eating, relaxation, positive thinking and acupuncture. Oh,the great things you can do for yourself with such little effort. Amazing stuff, really.

I've been reading a lot about the power of positive thinking and the life force in your world. You reap what you think...think positively about what you want (a healthy life, a loving family, a carreer you truly enjoy, a warm, cozy home) and it will come to you. YOur body is open to accept it. Think negative thoughts (my job stinks, I always have this ache or this pain, my house isn't big enough, I don't have as much stuff as the Jones') and you will attract negativity - thereby perpetuating your own situation. I've heard and read about many solid examples of positive thinking reaping positive outcomes (try - Taylor is a PRIME example!!) and just now, while reading some of Taylor's blogs, I realize that it is happening to me right now! I just never realized it!

I left 2009 with aches and pains that almost constantly lead to migraines. Daily friggin migraines! :) But then I decided to make the change. I implemented positivity into my life on a daily basis. Positive energy in, healthy body and positive outlook out. It's working! I have actually been a bit perplexed as to why, after 3 weeks solid of daily migraines, did I make up my mind to heal myself naturally...and voila - no migraines since then! Why didn't it hit me how powerful my positive energy, thinking and changes I've made in my life have been? As soon as I sent the positive energy out, I in turn got the thing I was looking for - a migraine free existence! WOW!!!

It's all right here, girl. I'm my own newest known living proof that you get back what you put out. No more dwelling...only heart swelling and energy exuding. And now that I realize just how powerful this way of life is, WATCH OUT WORLD! I'm COMING OUT!!!! I can't wait to see what life brings me.


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